Donald Trump – Biographical Profile and Positions on the Issues

Candidate for U.S. President

November 8, 2016 Alabama General Election

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General (political statement of goals, objectives, views, philosophies)
Profession (professional and work experience outside politics)
Political (dates and titles of previously held political offices)
Accomplishments (significant accomplishments, awards, achievements)
Education (times and places of schools, colleges, major, degrees, activities, sports)
Reasons & Objectives
Why I Am Running for Public Office
Goals If Elected
Achievements If Elected
On Entering Public Service
Opinions of Other Candidates
Immigration, a General Statement
Illegal Immigration and Reform
Muslims Entering US
Illegal Immigration Amnesty
Dream Act
Border Security
Social Services to Undocumented Immigrants
E-Verify System
Undocumented Immigrants Impact on US Economy
Local Enforcement of Immigration Laws
Guest Worker Program
Securing Our Borders
Visa Enforcement
Arizona's Strict New Immigration Law
Review of the 14th Amendment
Citizenship for Illegal Immigrants
Undocumented Immigrants
Electronic Verification System for Employers
Immigrant Birthright Citizenship
English as the Official National Language
Trans-Pacific Partnership Free Trade Agreement (TPP)
North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)
Trade with China
Free Trade Agreements (FTA)
Protective Tariffs
Unfair Trade Practices
Other Trade Agreements
National Security & Terrorism
National Security
Muslim Terrorist Attacks
NSA Surveillance of Citizens
Radical Islam
USA Patriot Act
Torture of Terrorists
Recommendations of the 9/11 Commission
Weapons of Mass Destruction
War on Terror
War on Terrorism Policies
Guantanamo Bay Prison (GITMO)
Partisan Gridlock
Limits on Personal Contributions
US President
Super PACs
American Minorities
Latino Americans
African Americans
Native Americans
Racism and Race Relations
Racial Profiling
Affirmative Action
Native Americans in American Society
Casinos on Native American Reservations
Gay, Lesbian & LGBT
Gay, Lesbian & LGBT
Gay Marriage
Civil Unions & Civil Benefits
North Carolina Law Restricting Public Bathroom Use by Transgender People
Amending 1964 Civil Rights Act to include Sexual Orientation Discrimination
The Military Don't Ask/Don't Tell Policy
Sexual Orientation Discrimination
Marriage Left Solely to the States
Sexual Orientation in Anti-Discrimination Laws
Employment Non-Discrimination Act
Domestic Partnerships
Legislation for Hate Crimes
Gays Serving in the Military
Abortion, Pro-Life, Stem Cell & Cloning
Legality of Abortion - Roe v. Wade
Pro-Life and Pro-Choice
Planned Parenthood
Stem Cell Research, a General Statement
Life Beginning at Conception
Partial-birth Abortions
Federal Funding for Abortion
Unborn Victims of Violence Act
Abortion for Rape and Incest
Iran, a General Statement
Iran Nuclear Deal
Foreign Policy
Foreign Policy
Refugee Crisis
Nuclear Weapons & Non-Proliferation Treaty
North Korea
Russia, Ukraine and Eastern Europe
Most Important Foreign Policy Issues
China, a General Statement
China as a Threat
North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
Cuba, a General Statement
Embargo of Cuba
Middle East
Middle East
Israeli and Palestinian Conflict
Saudi Arabia
Afghanistan, Pakistan & Iraq
Iraq, a General Statement
Timetable for Withdrawal
Iraq Policy
Iraq War
Military & Defense
Defense Spending
Gays in the Military
Missile Defense System
Defense and Military Budget
Military Adequacy
Reducing Military Costs
Equal Pay
Foreign Job Outsourcing
Affirmative Action
Unemployment Insurance
Workplace Protections
Job Growth
Government Subsidized Jobs
Reward companies that create domestic jobs
Quality of Jobs
Employment Discrimination
Right to Own Guns - Second Amendment
Gun Control Legislation
Mental Health and Mass Shootings
Gun-free Zones
Right to Carry a Concealed Handgun
Renewal of Ban on Assault Weapons Purchases
High Capacity Magazines, Gun Locks and Ammunition
National Rifle Association (NRA)
DC Gun Ban
America's Infrastructure
Decline of Middle Class
Job Creation
Federal Reserve
Federal Reserve's Interest Rate Policy
Wall Street
Dodd-Frank Act
Auto Industry
Executive Compensation
Foreign Ownership of American Businesses
Labor Wages & Unions
Minimum Wage
Organized Labor's Place in America
Tax Proposals
Tax Code
Mortgage Interest Deduction
Offshore Tax Havens
Tax Loopholes
Income Tax Rates
Taxing the the Wealthiest 1%
Corporate Income Taxes
Taxes on Interest, Dividends, and Capital Gains
Estate Taxes (Death / Birth Tax)
Extending the Bush Tax Cuts
Taxes Policy
National Sales Tax
Flat Tax
Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)
Marriage Penalty
Tax Rates on Private Equity Funds
Tax Credits for Health Care
Property Taxes
Internal Revenu Service (IRS)
Common Core Education
Student Loans, Scholarships and Pell Grants
Public Schools K-12
Local Control Over Education
Private School Vouchers
Charter Schools
School Safety
Teacher Unions
Department of Education
Adult Education
Teacher Standards
Student Standards
Education Gap with Other Countries
School Choice
Illegal Drugs & Marijuana
Illegal Drugs
Medical Use of Marijuana
Legalization of Marijuana
War on Drugs
Marijuana, a General Statement
Interstate Drug Trafficking
Elections & Politics
Personal Campaign Funding
Campaign Contribution Limits (Citizens United)
Koch Brothers
Campaign Spending Limits
Campaign Finance Reform
Soft-money Political Contributions
Lobbyist Campaign Contributions
Global Warming, Climate Change
Keystone XL Pipeline
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Internet, Media & Communications
Internet, a General Statement
Internet Neutrality
Cyber Security
Federal Budget & Fiscal Policy
Fiscal Policy, a General Statement
Debt Limit
Government Shut Down
Federal Budget & Debt
Deficit Spending
Gold Standard
Government Efficiency
Spending Limits
Medical Insurance
Health Insurance, a General Statement
Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)
Universal Medical Care / Insurance
Medically Uninsured or Underinsured
Fixing Medical Insurance
Free Market Health Care
Health Insurance Purchase Choices
Portable Medical Insurance
Federal Employee Health Benefit Plan (FEHBP) Buy-In
Crime, a General Statement
Police & FBI Agents
Reducing Crime
Youth and Gang Crime
Hate Crime
Sex-related Crimes
Crimes Against Children
Courts, Laws & Justice
Replacement Appointment of Justice Scalia
Supreme Court
Black Lives Matter
Death Penalty
Activist Judges Legislating from the Bench
Health & Medical
Health & Medical Care, a General Statement
Patient's Bill of Rights
Immunizations and Vaccinations
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
Women's Health
Mental Health
Drug Addiction
Substance Abuse
Energy, Gas, Oil & Autos
Energy, a General Statement
Energy Independence from Foreign Oil
Canadian Oil (Keystone) Pipeline
Nuclear Power
Renewable Energy, Solar, Biomass and Wind
Gas & Oil, a General Statement
Values, Religion & Family
Family Values
American Values
Tolerance & Political Correctness
A Candidate's Religious Beliefs
Indecency in the Media
Transportation, a General Statement
Veterans, a General Statement
Civil Rights
Civil Rights, a General Statement
Gender Equality & Women's Issues
Hate Crimes
Predatory Lending
Social Security & Pensions
Social Security, a General Statement
Long Term Viability of Social Security
Privatizing Social Security
Pensions, a General Statement
Individual Retirement Accounts
Poverty & Welfare
Poverty, a General Statement
Poor Children
Welfare, a General Statement
Improving the Welfare System
Alcohol, Cigarettes & Gambling
Alcohol, a General Statement
Cigarettes, a General Statement
Gambling, a General Statement
Financial Crisis
Financial Crisis
$700 Billion Troubled Asset Relief Bailout
Hedge Funds & Private Equity Firms
America's Brand of Capitalism
We Need Your Help